Month: May 2015


Taming vs. Trap-Neuter-Return: What to do if you find a litter of kittens

You've found an adorable litter of kittens under your porch (or in your shed like I did). What do you do? Beth DeMonbreun, Feline Fix Manager for Pet [...]
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Do’s and Dont’s of Trap-Neuter-Return of Neighborhood Cats

About 50 percent of kittens who are born outside die from predators and illnesses, and the majority of kittens in the shelter system are from neighborhood [...]

Flea Season Facts and Stats

As the temperatures rise in Middle Tennessee, so does the threat of fleas and ticks for your pets. While pets are at risk of attracting these pesky [...]
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The Sweetest ‘Family’ Photos You’ll Ever See

Most anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that pets become an important part of our family. They provide unconditional love; they protect us; they depend on [...]