Month: July 2015

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$20 spay/neuter for Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes in August 2015

Pet Community Center, with funding support from PetSmart Charities, is participating in the “Primp Your Pit ” spay/neuter campaign. Through the “Primp [...]
37115 TNR post card 2015 (front)

Free spay/neuter for outdoor cats in Madison

Pet Community Center is thrilled to announce the launch of a new initiative to help outdoor and feral cats in the Madison area (zip code 37115).  Thanks to [...]

5 Reasons Pet Wellness Visits Are Important

Just like regular checkups and vaccinations are recommended for you and your family in order to prevent illness or catch a potential health problem, it's [...]

The Cat’s Meow

Did you know cats have about 100 vocalizations-- more than any other domesticated animal next to birds? While your cat's meows and purrs might seem like [...]

To Zeuter or Not to Zeuter

That is the question. Zeuterin is an injectable method of neutering male dogs using a combination of all natural compounds including zinc gluconate, [...]