5 Reasons Pet Wellness Visits Are Important


Just like regular checkups and vaccinations are recommended for you and your family in order to prevent illness or catch a potential health problem, it’s also important for your pet to make periodic wellness visits to the vet.

• During a wellness visit, your vet can run tests on your pet that can detect health issues, such as high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, heartworm, kidney and liver disease that can get worse if not treated.

• Wellness visits can prolong your pet’s life. Many diseases when caught early can be managed, treated or even cured. For example, pet diabetes can often be managed by changing your pet’s diet.

• Pets age faster than humans, so their diseases progress faster as well. That’s why it’s important to diagnose diseases and other potential health problems as quickly as possible.

• Vaccinations are important because they cause your pet’s immune system to produce antibodies that fight disease.

• Wellness visits can save you money. Treatment for health problems caught early are almost always less expensive than those same issues after they’ve become medical emergencies.