A little time, huge impact.

Ever wondered how you could get involved in the community, connect to those around you, reduce your stress, and bring some fulfillment in your life all at the same time?


Well, the answer could be volunteering. Studies have shown that volunteering brings about numerous benefits to the individual, including lower blood pressure, increased happiness, and decreased risk of depression. Finding and supporting a cause you believe in not only benefits you personally, but also helps organizations succeed and promotes the community as a whole. Here at Pet Community, volunteers save lives by donating their time. As a non-profit organization, volunteers are critical for making the most impact for local pets as possible.

This week, we wanted to highlight an exceptional volunteer here at Pet Community, Allison Letson. Allison first discovered PCC by chance when she saw a PCC fundraising event “Rock and Roll for Pup Control” on Facebook. Drawn to the idea of listening to live music for a good cause, she stopped by the event and asked how she could get involved. Now, three years later, Allison helps support these events internally by working the festival  booths and organizing volunteers.

Professionally, Allison works as a computer programmer for the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and Parallon and also volunteers regularly at the Tennessee Art and Craft Festivals in Centennial Park. She has one cat, Honey, and a dog, Gemma, who has been known to attend Pet Community events as well.


When asked why it’s important to volunteer, Allison expressed how while she doesn’t have the resources to adopt more animals or start more clinics herself, she does “have some spare time to give back to an organization that is tackling an issue that is dear to me. I love animals. If PCC can reduce the number of pets being euthanized in shelters, then I want to help in the small way that I am able.”

Allison’s passion for saving animals and helping them live healthy, happy lives is commendable. Thank you, Allison, for your continuing service to the community and to animals everywhere.


If you’re passionate about animals and looking to make an impact, Pet Community holds volunteer orientation every first Saturday of the month at the clinic. At orientation, you will learn more about the programs PCC offers through a slide show and tour of the clinic. Come learn about our organization and get involved with activities that inspire you.

The next orientation will be November 5th from 3:00 to 4:00 PM hosted by our Wellness and Transport Coordinator, Sarah.

Please sign up on our Hands On Nashville page to let us know you’re coming!