Re-homing a cat to a barn home

Re-homing feral cats is a serious process for cats and must be carefully planned.  We only re-home cats when there is a dire need and the life of the cat is in peril.  If you are considering re-homing cats, please contact us first and let us help you through the process.  Cats have a very strong homing instinct and they will try to return to their original home, which will put them in harms way.  It is very important to follow certain steps, with which we can help.

For Barn Homes receiving cats:

Please answer a few questions so we can make sure the cats are a good match for you.
Do you own or rent your land?
Are you willing to provide daily food and water? What shelter would the cats be staying in?
Are there any animals (pets, ferals, or livestock) on your property? Are the pets/ferals spayed/neutered?
If you have animals, what vet do you use?
Have you seen any coyotes or mountain lions near your home?

Mandatory Requrements:

The cats will need to stay in a large dog cage for about 3 weeks while they adjust. We can provide the cage/litter box/ etc and will help you get them adjusted. Wet cat food also entices the cats to hang around. Once they figure out that the barn is nice to stay in, dry food is fine. Cats are usually more comfortable in a new environment if they are in pairs.


It may benefit the cats (and any other animals on your property) to have them de-wormed.  Contact us at 615-512-5001 for more information or consult a veterinarian for dosage instructions.

Barn cat release

After three weeks, it’s time to let the cat(s) out. When you’re done in the barn for the night, shut the barn doors if possible and open the cage doors. That will give them overnight to find a hiding place before people are walking through the barn. The next morning, you can open the doors and work as usual. You can empty the litterbox. It is normal for them to hide for at least 2-3 days. Continue putting food in the cage. When you notice that they’re eating the food, let us know so we can get the cage.

Feel free to give our number or email out to anyone who needs cats or needs cats neutered.

More information on feral cats: