Celebrate National Feral Cat Day With a $10 Spay/Neuter at PCC


Get ready for National Feral Cat Day, October 16.  In 2001, Alley Cat Allies, a national organization dedicated to the protection of cats, launched the first National Feral Cat Day – which is recognized each year on October 16 – to raise awareness about feral/community cats and promote Trap-Neuter-Return to combat overpopulation.

In honor of National Feral Cat Day, Pet Community Center will be offering $10 feral cat spays/neuters during the entire month of October. PCC also provides free humane traps on loan as well as personal instruction on how to use them.

About 70 percent of cats – and almost all community cats – that end up in shelters are euthanized. Fixed cats are less likely to roam, less likely to cross roads, less likely to wander into dangerous or unwanted territory. That’s why it’s important for neighborhood cats to be spayed or neutered before they reproduce and add to the animal overpopulation.