Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

cold weatherAs the temperatures begin to fall, keeping your pets healthy and safe requires extra attention. Check out these tips  to keep your pets comfy and cozy this season.

• Keep your home humidified as the dry heat from gas and electric heating systems can cause your pet’s skin to itch and flake.
• Over-bathing during colder months can also cause your pet’s skin to flake. When you do bathe your pet, use a moisturizing shampoo.
• Your dog’s hair helps provide extra protection from cold weather, so don’t shave your dog down to the skin in winter.
• After walks, wash and dry your pet’s paws to remove any ice, salt or other chemicals.
• Be on the lookout for antifreeze spills around your car. The ethylene glycol in antifreeze is lethal for dogs and cats.
• Be sure your pets get plenty to eat and drink. Pets burn extra energy in winter by trying to stay warm, so they require more nutrients, and water keeps them hydrated and helps keep their skin from itching.
• Don’t be fooled by the myth that pets can withstand extreme temperatures. If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet, so bring your pets inside. And never leave pets in a cold car in the winter.
• Watch out for neighborhood cats and dogs looking for a warm place under your car. Check underneath your car before backing out or bang on the hood before starting the engine to shoo them out of harm’s way.