Community Cats helped from support of Mars Petcare

Mars Petcare  has become a partner in Pet Community Center’s Community Cat Program, which focuses on spay and neuter efforts of the community cat population as a critical way to lower the number of cats entering local shelters. The Community Cat Program uses proven tactics such as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and Return-to-Field (RTF) programs, through which Pet Community Center vaccinates and spays or neuters community cats, returning cats to their home environment once complete.

Little Bit, pictured below, is one of the luckiest little guys in town. His caretaker that has been diligently feeding and caring for him. After being trapped, neutered, and returned to his colony, his caretaker worked hard to connect with him. He now can be touched and will even come in for a nap from time to time. Thanks to Mars Petcare, our Community Cat program can serve cats like Little Bit and their caretakers. Stay tuned for more stories, and exciting news about this new partnership!