Cool Tips for Summer Pets

Summertime is a great time to spend with your pet exploring the outdoors.  We’ve gathered a few helpful tips to make sure your pet stays safe all summer long.  Summer pet safety isn’t just about hot cars, read on to learn more!

Hot Cars

We all know this one, but it never hurts to mention it!  Cars heat up fast in the summer.  When transporting your pet, always take them inside with you or leash them safely outside in the shade with access to water.   Even a minute or two in a hot car can be dangerous for a pet.

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Run, Run, Run! Then Rest

Dogs should always have access to fresh water, especially after a high energy hike or play time.  But hold off on solid food until your pup has completely cooled down.  Eating heavy solid food right after exercise can cause indigestion and bloating.

Sunburn: Not Just For Humans

Dogs can get sunburnt too!  Dogs with short hair, light colored coats, and pink noses are the most susceptible.  Shade is the best form of protection!

Relaxing dog at the beach

What’s in Your Garden?

Summertime is the prime time for gardening!  Remember though, anything that goes in your garden may come in contact with your dog.  Harsh yard chemicals, weed or insect killers, citronella candles, insect coils and more may be irritating and potentially dangerous to your pet.  Consider natural options for plants and yard items that your pet will come in contact with.  


Don’t Let the Bugs Bite

Pest like fleas and ticks can carry harmful diseases that infect dogs and cats.  Avoid flea and tick bites with a Seresto collar or other preventative.

Mosquitoes can infect dogs with deadly heartworm disease with just one bite.  Even indoor dogs need to be protected.  Thankfully, this disease is very easily prevented with a monthly heartworm pill.  Check out our online pharmacy to make sure your pet is protected year round.

Heat Plus Humidity

With the mixture of heat and humidity, the heat index can be surprisingly high.   For older pets, pets recovering from illness, or pets with short snouts, exercise caution when the heat index creeps up.  Heat advisories let us know that it can be deceptively hot outside, limit time outdoors on these days.

Short Nosed Dogs

Pups with short snouts (such a pugs) just don’t pant as efficiently as those with longer noses(like collies).  Make sure those breeds with those cute little faces have access to air conditioning and their time spent in the heat is monitored.