Disaster Preparedness for Your Pets


If your home isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for your pets. Be on the safe side of an emergency or natural disaster with these tips.

• Make sure your pets are wearing collars and identification tags that are up to date or have been microchipped.

• Take time to contact your local office of emergency management to find the closest pet-friendly shelters in your area.

• Keep a list of pet-friendly places hotels or even friends’ and family’s homes in case you need to evacuate your home during or after an emergency or disaster.

• Prepare an emergency kit for your pet. The kit should include enough food and water for at least five days, any medications for your pets, a litter box or newspapers and a crate and/or extra leash.

• Designate a safe room or space in your home large enough for your family and your pets if you have to ride out the storm and make sure you take your emergency kits with you.

• After a disaster, keep your pet safe by not allowing him to roam. Downed power lines, rubble or flooded areas are just a few of the dangers you and your pet should avoid.