The animal welfare groups of Nashville are committed to saving 90% of all shelter animals in 2018. Pet Community Center’s job is prevention, and we have to spay+neuter an additional 984 animals in 2018 to make make this dream possible.  You can sponsor a spay+neuter surgery for just $50. Help make Nashville a lifesaving city by sponsoring a surgery today.

Nashville’s newest boy band sensation, 984, is on a mission to help Pet Community Center provide spay+neuter surgery for an additional 984 dogs and cats in 2018!
Check out their new video below for their hit single “I Want My Pet Spayed”.
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amazon wishlist


Puppy Pads/Chucks/Bed Pads (BIGGEST NEED)
Paper Towels
Distilled Water
Laundry Detergent (for HE machines)
Sardines in oil (no mustard)
Dry cat and dog food
Canned cat food
Copy Paper
Items can be dropped off at Pet Community Center:
943-B Dr. Richard G. Adams Drive, Nashville TN 37207
visit Pet Community Center’s Amazon wish list and order directly from there and it will automatically ship to the clinic

Have an old car in your driveway?  Turn it into cash to help local dogs and cats!  It’s the simplest way to get rid of an old car, they will even pick it up for you.  Click the link for info or to donate your old car.