Five Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe This Halloween


Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults alike, but for the furry members of your family, a night of tricks and treats can be scary and even dangerous. Check out these five tips to ensure both you and your pets have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

1. Keep your pets away from Halloween candy. Chocolate, in particular, can be dangerous, even lethal, for dogs and cats.

2. Bring outdoor pets inside for the night. Unfortunately, Halloween night often brings out pranksters who may tease or injure pets.

3. If you are giving away candy, keep your pets in a secure room and away from the door. The constant opening and closing of the door, ringing of the doorbell and masked visitors can easily agitate your pets.

4. Keep pets away from pumpkins and other potentially harmful Halloween decorations. Pumpkins can cause intestinal blockage, and candles in Jack-o-lanterns can be knocked over by playful pets.

5. If you decide to dress your pet in a costume, be sure it doesn’t restrict movement, sight or breathing or pose a danger to your pet. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag or has been microchipped before taking him trick-or-treating.