This holiday season, we are challenging our supporters to help us fix 500 of Nashville’s most at-risk animals.  You can sponsor an animal by making a gift today.

Can you imagine a day when our shelters have empty cages; a time when no healthy, treatable shelter pet must be euthanized?

It’s happening in cities across the U.S. – and it can happen in Middle Tennessee, too.   You can make this dream a reality for thousands of dogs and cats by helping reduce the number of unwanted pets.

Did you know the #1 risk factor for a pet entering a shelter is not being fixed?  Your gift to sponsor a spay or neuter surgery will have a ripple effect and save many lives.

Rachel and Robinsm

Here’s how your gift saves lives!

$10 – vaccinate or microchip one dog or cat at the time of surgery

$30 – “fix a feral” will spay/neuter and vaccinate one feral cat

$50 – “fix a friend” spay/neuter one pet dog or cat

$100 – “his and her” sponsor a pair of pets from one household

$150 – “love a litter” sponsor a litter of kittens or puppies

$200 – “fix the family” sponsor a mama and her litter

$500 – “care for a colony” sponsor a colony of feral cats

Become a Community Champion and sign up to make a monthly contribution.  You’ll save lives every month.  Click here and select Community Champion.

Rachel found Robin under a bridge on a dangerous section of Interstate-65 in Madison.  Rachel tried to find Robin’s family but sadly, no one stepped forward to claim her.

Rachel was committed to helping her new-found friend; but she was not financially able to cover the expense of having Robin spayed, or worse, pay for a litter of unplanned puppies. Rachel heard about the Pet Community Center assistance fund and, with help from our generous donors, Robin was fixed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. This enabled Rachel to keep Robin and provide her with a loving home.

Without financial assistance, Rachel may have had to surrender Robin to a shelter where she would possibly have been euthanized. This situation occurs every day in Nashville. Your support will save lives today and prevent future unplanned litters.


Your gift makes a real impact!

In 2013 we embarked on a pilot project to provide targeted spay/neuter services in a small area.

We focused our efforts in the Old Hickory area and fixed 324 free roaming cats in 18 months.

We monitored cat intake at Metro Animal Care and Control before, during, and after the project.

The project resulted in a 55% drop in cat intake from the target area and our other spay/neuter efforts produced a 20% overall drop in cat intake from the entire county! This means fewer animals entering the shelter and fewer animals that have to be euthanized. You can bring these same results to new areas.

We will be targeting new areas during 2015. You can save Nashville’s most at-risk dogs and cats by making a donation.


Thank you to Studio Haus for designing our Fix 500 campaign!  Learn more about Studio Haus by visiting:

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