Free Spay/Neuter Program for Low Income Residents Announced

12391869_946993368670836_7844174993574713838_nMetro Public Health Department Awards Spay/Neuter contract to Pet Community Center

PCC to Focus on Northeast and Southeast Nashville Offering Free Spay/Neuter Services to Low-income Residents

NASHVILLE, Tenn., January 8, 2016 — A Metro Public Health Department official announced today the department has awarded Pet Community Center a Community Spay/Neuter Contract.   The Community Spay/Neuter Program will focus on spay/neuter services in northeast and southeast Nashville.

“As in many other communities, there are too many unwanted pets in Nashville,” said Bill Paul, M.D., Director of the Metro Public Health Department.  “Unwanted animals frequently end up in the shelter, and too often they are euthanized.  The primary goal of this community spay and neuter program is to lower the euthanasia rate by increasing access to targeted, free spay/neuter services. Spaying and neutering pets reduces growth in the population of unwanted animals, reduces the burden on the shelter, and saves animals’ lives. ”

“We’ve learned that the primary barriers to spay/neuter for many pet owners are cost and convenience,” said Natalie Corwin, president and CEO for Pet Community Center.  “We believe this program will increase the availability and accessibility of spay/neuter services, and increase spay/neuter rates in the neighborhoods where we are seeing the most homeless pets.  Most importantly, it will lead to fewer pets entering our local shelter which is a benefit for our entire community.”

The Community Spay/Neuter Program will be free to low-income residents in the targeted areas of Nashville. The program will also address barriers of transportation and include an educational campaign and community outreach.

Metro Animal Care and Control has seen a 42 percent decrease in the number of animals taken into the facility over the last five years and believes this is a result of free and low-cost spay/neuter efforts in the community.  The Health Department received $100,000 for the Community Spay/Neuter program in the Metro Budget for 2016.

For more information about the Community Spay/Neuter Program please contact Pet Community Center at 615.512.5001.



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About Pet Community Center

Pet Community Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the human-animal bond and ending pet overpopulation. We offer low-cost and free spay and neuter services at our East Nashville clinic, as well as pet wellness services through our mobile clinic.  Our programs are reaching the most at-risk pets in the Nashville area, preventing pet homelessness, and improving the quality of life for underserved pets and people.  Since October 2011 we have served more than 13,000 animals and our programs have produced measurable decreases in animal shelter intake.