Kid-Tested, Mom Approved


Your kids have been begging for a puppy, but you’re not sure if a pet is right for your family. Before you make your decision, check out some of the positive ways pets can impact your kids.

• Pets help kids stay active. Walking a pet or playing with a pet get kids off the sofa and from in front of the TV and computer.

• Caring for a pet can teach kids responsibility — which can be transferred to other areas of his life — and can also give him more self confidence when he successfully completes a care-related task.

• The unconditional love of a pet can help ease feelings of loneliness for kids and adults and can boost feelings of self worth. A pet can also strengthen a family’s bond.

• Pets can make a shy child more social. Walking a dog, answering questions about a pet, spending time with other pet owners– these are all activities that can coax a shy kid out of his shell.

• Pets can also teach your child compassion. Pets help children learn important caregiving skills.