Love at First Sight: Heartworm Positive Dogs Finding their Forever Homes

The love between a pet and their owner is one of the truest and most touching relationships in life. This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share a couple stories about owners with heartworm positive dogs who received treatment with us this last year. Their love for their pets kept them pushing through this difficult treatment and ensured that their dogs are happy, healthy, and enjoying life to the fullest.

First, we have the story of Annie, Lucas, and their dog, Roscoe. Annie and her husband, Lucas, visited Metro Animal Control looking for a “furry companion to complete our household.” Since both of them had grown up with Labradors, Roscoe was their immediate choice. After being informed about Roscoe’s disease and how the family that previously adopted him had returned him, Annie and Lucas were devastated saying, “We had only known him briefly, but we were already attached to his playful disposition and his affectionate personality…we wanted to spare him the suffering from his heartworms.”


Luckily, the MACC adoption specialist informed Annie and Lucas that Roscoe was eligible for free heartworm treatment at Pet Community Center due to a government grant. With this new information, Annie and Lucas knew the choice was obvious; Roscoe belonged in the family and they would help him beat this disease! Now, after receiving treatment at PCC, Roscoe is better than ever. Annie and Lucas say “He was always a playful guy, ready for a game of fetch, but now he has more stamina to play for longer! He has made many four-legged friends in our neighborhood with whom he enjoys fetching and romping around.”

Next up, we have the story of Calen and his dog Misha. Much like Annie and Lucas, Calen went to Metro Animal Care and Control to look for a rescue dog. After hearing that all the volunteers at MACC adored Misha, Calen went to visit Misha himself and found he “could not walk away from him.” When Calen went to adopt Misha, he was informed that Misha had heartworms. This devastated Calen as he had already been through a long, expensive heartworm treatment with another dog. Calen was about to rescind his adoption application, but was then informed about how Misha could receive heartworm treatment for free at Pet Community Center. Without the burden of cost in the way, Calen was free to adopt and care for his new friend, Misha.

Since the treatment, Misha is now doing much better and living an active lifestyle. Calen is so grateful for Pet Community and Misha’s affordable treatment saying that, “because of PCC, I was able to adopt Misha without the financial burden and unknowns of the heartworm treatment process. I always tell people that I got the best dog ever, and I truly believe that!”


Heartworm disease is painful, damaging, and highly preventable. Please remember to provide preventative medication to your animals and have regular veterinary check-ups for them as they are your family. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the animals and owners out there–we love you guys!