Free spay/neuter for outdoor cats in Madison

37115 TNR post card 2015 (front)Pet Community Center is thrilled to announce the launch of a new initiative to help outdoor and feral cats in the Madison area (zip code 37115).  Thanks to the generosity of PetSmart Charities, we are offering free spay/neuter and rabies shot for outdoor cats living in the 37115 zip code.

To schedule an appointment call 615-512-5001 or visit our Feline Fix page to submit a request for an appointment.

What the program provides

  • Free spay/neuter at our spay/neuter clinic in East Nashville
  • A free rabies shot
  • Cats will receive a left ear tip – this is the universal sign of a fixed outdoor cat.  This will help the community, including Animal Care and Control Officers, identify cats that have already been fixed and vaccinated
  • We provide free loan of humane live-traps plus free coaching and support to help you safely trap cats.

What is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)?

TNR is the most humane method for controlling and reducing populations of outdoor cats.  It prevents the birth of new kittens and reduces unwanted behaviors, such as fighting, mating, spraying/marking, roaming, and yowling.

TNR has been proven to reduce the number of cats entering the Metro Animal Care and Control shelter and reduce complaints about cats in Nashville area neighborhoods.

Visit our TNR page to learn more.