Meet Dr. Greenberg


It is our pleasure to introduce our friends to Dr. Mike Greenberg, Pet Community Center’s Medical Director.  Dr. Greenberg will lead our medical staff and perform surgeries at our new spay + neuter clinic.  We are thrilled to welcome him to our team!

Mike’s interest in veterinary outreach and field medicine started when he was in veterinary school, volunteering with Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) in remote communities of the Appalachian mountains and Native American reservations in the United States.

After finishing vet school, he worked in a mixed practice–honing his skills with a wide variety of species. Volunteer work with local animal shelters and a continued passion for community outreach ultimately brought him to complete an internship in shelter medicine. He continues to work remotely with Cornell Veterinary College’s shelter medicine program and is in the process of finishing a co-authored guidebook for data collection and use in animal shelters.

A big believer in the old “ounce of prevention…” adage, he has a strong interest in humane methods of population management. After visiting Humane Alliance in Asheville, NC during his shelter internship in 2010, he was struck with the clinic’s high quality practices and efficiency. A folder on his computer called “Start a Clinic” was born, but he did not expect to put it to use for a long time…..

After several years in the “frozen north” (Madison, WI), Mike and his partner, Jen Douthwaite (also a veterinarian) decided to seek warmer climes. A RAVS colleague ultimately suggested Nashville, and the timing could not have been better. Mike was delighted to find the dynamic, energetic and passionate group at PCC right in the midst of starting their own Humane Alliance model clinic, and jumped at the chance to join them.

Within a few weeks, Mike packed up the car and headed south. He immediately started working with the PCC team to help develop the protocols and practices underlying the PCC’s newest program. That “Start a Clinic” folder would finally get some much-needed use!

In addition to spay/neuter, Mike is particularly interested in the quickly evolving realm of non-surgical sterilization and long-term contraception. He has collaborated on projects with the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACC&D) and became certified in the use of Zeuterin (the first FDA-approved non-surgical sterilant for male dogs) at an ACC&D symposium in 2013. Mike has also explored other alternatives to surgery, and published a review paper on megestrol acetate in 2012.

Always interested in human/animal interactions throughout the world, he has worked with international outreach groups as well, including Animal Balance, a group that addresses overpopulation through both surgical and non-surgical sterilization methods; and the UK-based Mission Rabies program. Mission Rabies took him and his partner, Jen Douthwaite, to India for three months in 2013 to help teach spay/neuter and join an international team in vaccinating over 60,000 against rabies.

Mike is very happy to be settling in here in Nashville and is delighted to be working with the city’s active and interested animal welfare community. He is looking forward to collaborating with the many rescue groups, shelters, veterinarians and other spay-neuter programs in the area, and hopes that PCC’s Spay & Neuter clinic is one piece of the puzzle that helps to improve the welfare of animals in the community.