Meet the Staff – Sarah Fuqua


Continuing our “Meet the Staff” series, we are pleased to introduce everyone to Sarah Fuqua, Veterinary Assistant for Pet Community Center!  Sarah is a native of Franklin, TN and has four dogs and five cats.  She specializes in “old” Rat Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers.  Mac, who is pictured, is 12.  Her oldest dog is 17 and the youngest is 7.  June, her eldest, has a doggie bucket list and even has a following on Facebook!  (Meet June HERE).

Sarah first became involved in animal welfare when she started volunteering at a local rescue during her sophomore year of college. Later she worked at a doggie daycare that fostered pets for an animal rescue and then a veterinarian that worked with animal rescues.  Sarah said, “I think if you’re working with animals, and you love working with animals, that animal welfare kind of goes comes hand in hand with that.”

When asked why she choose to work at a spay + neuter clinic Sarah told us, “my personal dogs came from shelters where I rescued them literally on their last day because they were going to be euthanized for no reason other than space. I wanted to be a part of a solution to help decrease intake numbers in local shelters so that every pet that goes in has the opportunity to come back out again.”