PCC’s Own Community Cat, Cleveland!

Anyone who has stopped by the clinic recently has probably noticed a beautiful, orange feline hanging out by the porch.  He got so much attention, we got him his own sign!  That orange cat is Cleveland, PCC’s Community Cat.  We first noticed him when the clinic opened in June 2015.  Not surprisingly, he was one of the first cats to go through the program.

It wasn’t until December 2016, however, that Cleveland really started coming by the clinic more and more and making PCC his home.  As joint community cat caretakers, everyone at the clinic pitches in to help Cleveland thrive in his outdoor home.  Along with food, water, and plenty of snacks, Cleveland was set up with a styrofoam shelter for the winter.   If you look closely, you can see that it is decorated with cat themed stickers inside and out!

His feeding station, donated by Mars Petcare, keeps his food dry and his water clean through all weather.  Recently, during a spring rainstorm, Cleveland was spotted hanging out under a client’s umbrella that was left on the porch.  He’s become an essential part of the family of Pet Community Center.

cleveland 3
cleveland 2
cleveland 4

Cleveland is still shy around most people but has come to love many of the Pet Community Center staff that he sees each day.  Blair, the Community Cat Coordinator, was the first person Cleveland came to trust.  He loves to wait for snacks and affection from her everyday. His favorite activities include sunbathing on the porch, people watching, sleeping, and eating sardines.

Like all cats who go through the Community Cats program, Cleveland has been neutered which reduces the urge to fight or roam and of course prevents unwanted litters of kittens from entering the shelter.  He was vaccinated and given flea/tick preventative.  We are so glad that we can help cats like Cleveland live happier and healthier lives.  If you have community cats in your neighbor hood that you’d like to help out, just give us a call at (615) 512 5001.