Thank you for choosing to have your pet spayed or neutered at Pet Community Center!  Here are some instructions to help your pet have a great experience!

Pet Drop Off:  Monday-Thursday, 7:30am

Pet Pick Up: Monday -Thursday, 4:00pm

Please allow 15-20 minutes to check in and check out your animal.

Preparing Your Animal for Surgery:
1. All animals should stay indoors the evening before surgery.  Cats must have access to a litter box before and after surgery.
2. All animals should continue to be given water until the time of their appointment.
3. Animals six months or older should have food withdrawn after their evening meal the night before surgery by midnight (12 a.m.).  Do not fast your pet for more than 12 hours.
4. If your pet is under six months old, they should have access to food until 2 hours prior to drop off.

Upon arrival, please leave your animal(s) in your vehicle while checking in.  This will reduce stress and interaction with other animals.  After checking in, your animal(s) may be brought in on their leash or in a carrier. If you do not have a carrier, please let the front desk know and you can purchase a cardboard carrier for $5.

Rabies vaccines are required for all animals unless a current rabies certificate is provided at the time of surgery.  Animals with excessive fleas will be given Capstar for a $5.00 surcharge.
Please note that our parking lot is shared with another business. Please use spaces labeled “S/N”.

Thank you for choosing Pet Community Center.  Should you have any questions, please contact us at 615-512-5001 or via email at