Team Spay It Forward: Helping Pets One Step at a Time!

Hello!  I’m Jourdan and I’ve been one of the leaders of Team Spay It Forward for the past five years.  Team Spay It Forward is a running team that raises funds to support spay/neuter and end pet homelessness in Nashville.  We always participate in a local run and this year, runners and walkers will participate in Nashville’s annual Oktoberfest Bier Run 5K!  This is a family-friendly and super fun 5K, and the cooler weather should make this event very enjoyable.  As a member of a race team, each runner will raise funds to support Pet Community Center.  New this year, we are encouraging community members to start their own running teams to participate in the Oktoberfest 5K and raise support for Pet Community Center.  There will be friendly competition, contests between race teams, and prizes too!

Being a part of Team Spay It Forward has been one of the most rewarding ways that I’ve volunteered with Pet Community Center.  I always look forward to the camaraderie between team members as we all work towards a common goal: reducing pet homelessness in Nashville.

Pet Community Center’s vital spay and neuter programs are making a powerful difference in our community. To date more than 36,000 cats and dogs – many belonging to low income pet owners – have been served. Pet Community Center is able to help many of these animals because of the Spay It Forward fund.  I’m very proud to say that since 2012, the team has raised more than $47,000 to date to support spay + neuter.  That translates into almost 800 surgeries for cats and dogs.

Megan (center) at a half-marathon benefiting the animal community
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The biggest challenge always seems to be getting started: whether that’s doing the run on race day or starting to ask your community to support your goal.  But I’ve found that once you get started, make an ask or two to close friends or family, and experience those successes and the support of your friends, you hit your stride and before you know it, have met your goal!  My motivation is that dogs and cats that have been going without help, going without vet care, and without spay/neuter surgery can now have access to those services, because of my dedication to this cause.

Interested in participating?

We are excited to recruit participants to run or walk the Oktoberfest 5K with us this year!  As we all know, running(or walking!) is more fun with friends!  Each year we have so much fun getting to know our team members, fundraising together and celebrating with a party and prizes at the end!

Here are the ways you can participate:
Team Captain-you can create a team of your friends, family, book club, girl scout group, brunch crowd, you name it!  Each team gets to pick its own name and goal to support Pet Community Center.
 Individual runners, we’ve got you covered! Join us on Team Spay It Forward!  We’re open to everyone and are united by our passion for helping pets in need!
 Prefer to watch from the sidelines but still want to support local pets?  Donate and support one of the teams or runners.
 For those of you on the fence about participating in the 5Kread about some of the people that have been helped by generous supporters like you.  Your participation makes tangible changes in the lives of pets and their families.
 Ending pet homelessness is a challenging endeavor but we can make an impact when we work together.   This year, make local pets a priority and join the 5K team today!