The Big Payback: Double your Impact

The Big Payback is Wednesday May 3rd! Exciting news, we have a $10,000 combined matching gift made possible by an anonymous donor and the Barbara J. Mapp Foundation.  By donating today only, you can double your dollar and help end pet overpopulation.

For the Big Payback, we are highlighting the community that makes up Pet Community Center.  We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable pet care. Your support means that we never have to turn anyone away that walks through our doors.

Pet Community Center has hundreds of pets and owners come through our clinic each month. As they come in, we are lucky enough to hear their stories and connect with them one-on-one as we provide them the pet care they need.

Give today to support the community of Pet Community Center.

  • Sheree is the proud owner of two dogs, Marshmallow and Tramp. Marshmallow is a seven year old pitbull who is “very well mannered, easy going, loves dogs, and people.” Sheree was able to bring in Marshmallow for vaccinations with the help of her neighbor, Marina, who organizes the spay/neuter transport from Dickson County. Many counties in rural Tennessee have little to no access to veterinary care and zero animal shelters to take in lost, abandoned, or stray animals. The rural transport program ensures that these pets have access to the care they need and it is because of the community and people like Marina that the program is successful. Thank you, Marina, for all you have done to help these animals!
two white dogs
  • Kelsie and Kamrie are the owners of two wonderful dogs, Gracie and Waino. Waino was named after Adam Wainright, the St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball player, and both him and Gracie enjoy life on the farm. Kelsie and Kamrie, both social workers, came to PCC for the affordable services and “the wonderful care, of course!”
  • Candyce, a seventh grade teacher, recently adopted her sweet puppy, Rocky Balboa Roberson. She came to PCC for the “affordable prices, quality care, and awesome customer service” and says that Rocky has been “the perfect addition to our family.”  Pictured here are her kids, Brielle and B.J.
belmont kids-300
rose glasses(1)
  • Local hairstylist, Brennan, found out about PCC through our online presence and we’re so glad she came in! Brennan’s dog, Scout, is quite the mix of breeds. Part Poodle, Australian Shepherd, and Jack Russell, Scout is described as playful and a lover of all animals “especially humans.”
  • Ian, a musician, was referred to PCC by his friends. He and his family had a great time with their pets at Pet Community Center.  The dogs were very much loved by everyone.  His dogs, Pickle and Lovie, are both brothers and five month old pitbull lab mixes.
  • Kamee loves her four month old Shoodle, King. King is not only “loving, playful, and very family oriented,” but also loves to cuddle! What more can you ask for? We are so glad Kamee was recommended to PCC by a friend and was able to get the services she needed.
brandon and duke_1200
  • Brandon adopted his dog, Duke, to help overcome the grief of losing his pet of thirteen and a half years. His friends found Duke and asked Brandon to come over and see him. The two fell in love and came to PCC for vaccinations, an important step in pet health care.
  • Kathleen came to PCC for affordable vaccinations for her pet Jordan. Jordan is an eight month old German Shepherd. Like most German Shepherds, he is “full of energy, loves to hike, and a sweet boy!”
kathleen and jordan-1200

Pet Community Center exists to help everyone in the community with their pets, no matter what their circumstances.  You can help to continue this much needed service by donating today for the Big Payback.  Today only we have a combined matching gift of $10,000 provided by an anonymous donor and the Barbara J. Mapp Foundation.  Double your generosity by donating today, Wednesday May 3rd!