The Cat’s Meow


Did you know cats have about 100 vocalizations– more than any other domesticated animal next to birds? While your cat’s meows and purrs might seem like senseless noise to you, they are actually an intricate method of communication.

That deep guttural sound your cat makes when you rub her fur her lets you know she’s relaxed and content — unless her back is raised. Then she’s telling you she’s anxious or nervous.


Cats often meow when they want or need something.  Kittens meow when they need their mother. Older cats meow to get the attention of their owners– where it’s to gain entry to a room or to encourage a good rub down.

Cat’s hiss when they feel danger. Your cat may arch his back and his if he feels threatened by his surroundings, a stranger or another animal.


This cat sound is reminiscent of a baby crying and often comes from a female cat in heat. Cats also yowl to make their territory or when they’re anxious.