Three Steps to Helping A Lost Pet

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If you find someone’s lost pet, you might find yourself at a lost for what to do next. Here are three steps to take to ensure both your and the animal’s safety.

1. Capture and Contain with Care
Be careful not to cause a traffic accident. Pull off the road before trying to pick up the lost or injured pet. Be aware that a lost or injured animal may act unpredictably when confronted by a stranger so if the animal appears aggressive or threatening, call for backup – the local animal control agency . If he seems willing, lure him in your car and take him to safety.

2. Check for ID
If the pet has an ID tag, it’s likely you’ll find enough information to locate and contact the owners.
If the pet has no ID, take him to an animal shelter. The animal shelter can scan for a microchip that can help identify the pet’s owners. If the animal has no ID tag or microchip, an animal shelter is one of the first places his owner might look for him.

3. Reunite with Rightful Owners
Don’t let just anyone claim that the pet you found is hers. Ask open-ended questions about the pet’s description. For example, instead of asking “Is your dog’s tail white?,” ask the owner to describe her dog’s tail. Never agree to deliver the pet to anyone without first telling a friend or family member where you are going. It’s best to meet in a public place and take someone along with you.