Tips for a Less Stressful Trip to the Vet


Let’s be honest. Nobody likes going to the doctor. A trip to the doctor or hospital is often filled with anxiety or even dread. Well, a visit to the vet, whether routine or emergency, is no picnic for your pet either. Here are a few tips to help ease the stress of a trip to the vet – for you and your pet.

vet5• Give your pet lots of love and attention before the visit.

• If your cat has aversions to car rides, take a few “practice” drives to get him used to being in the car carrier.

• Be sure to exercise your dog before the visit to the vet and remember to take a short leash for the vet waiting room.

• Keep calm and carry on.  Projecting a calm, soothing demeanor during vet visits will help put your pet at ease.





• If a routine visit, schedule your appointment during the vet’s least busy hours, and encourage the vet to spend a few minutes talking to you and your pet before the exam. This will help you know what to expect during and after the exam/procedure, and help put your pet at ease if he senses an amicable relationship between you and the vet.



• If your pet has to stay overnight at the clinic, pack a favorite chew toy or blanket from home to make him feel more comfortable.

• Don’t forget to reward your pet’s bravery with a treat so that he begins to associate a visit to the vet with a positive experience.