Tips for Preparing Your Pet for Thanksgiving




Holiday gatherings can be stressful if you’re the host. They can also be just as stressful for your pets. Check out these tips to ensure every member of your family has a happy Thanksgiving.

• Understand that your pets can be sensitive to changes in their environment and routines. Try to maintain as many of your pet’s routines as possible, for example, keeping their meal and walk/exercise schedules in tact.

• Prepare for the constant doorbell ringing and arrival of guests by training your dog to exhibit polite greeting behaviors.

• Give your pet some extra one-on-one time before and after the gathering since your attention will be focused on your guests.

• Make sure your pets have a safe, quiet place to relax. If you must keep your pet in a closed-off space for the duration of your gathering, be sure to leave a few of his favorite toys and comfort items.

• If strangers or changes to routine and surroundings make your pet especially anxious, you may want to invest in calming products, such as DAP, dog appeasing pheromones.

• Avoid feeding pets from the dinner table, especially if the holiday meal is a potluck. It is best if your pets stick to their regular diet to avoid upset stomachs or inadvertently investing something harmful.

• Keep scented candles and other potentially edible decorations out of your pet’s reach.