Together, we’re saving lives. Celebrate at the Open House!

Pet Community Center began in 2011 as just a few community advocates transporting animals to local vets for surgery.  By answering the call of the community, the founding members realized the need for a low-cost, high quality spay/neuter facility that served local pets and community cats.  Since opening in 2014, the Pet Community Center spay/neuter clinic has grown rapidly and impacted the lives of many pets and their owners.  

Along with spay/neuter services, the addition of pet wellness programming has expanded our impact.  To date, we have served over 20,000 animals through the spay/neuter clinic, community vaccine clinic, community cat program, and pets for life program!

Most recently, through generous support from individuals like you, we have expanded the spay/neuter surgery suite, and increased surgical capacity from 700 to 1,400 animals a month.

We are so appreciative and humbled by the incredible generosity of this community and look forward to serving more pets and community cats in the months and years to come.

This Saturday, November 5th, we are celebrating these accomplishments by opening the clinic to the public for an Autumn Open House. You are invited! From 11am-1pm, stop by to see behind the scenes at the clinic, check out the surgery expansion suite, have some snacks, and interact with staff and fellow animal supporters.  We’d love to see you!  Feel free to bring a friend or the whole family!


In honor of our Open House celebration, we interviewed Diana Springfield, board member and one of the founding supporters of the clinic.  Diana has been with Pet Community Center from the beginning.  Here is her story about how she became involved and why she continues to support Pet Community Center.

Before becoming involved with Pet Community Center, Diana was a volunteer at Nashville Cat Rescue.  It was here that she met fellow NCR volunteer and Pet Community Center founding member, Jourdan Parenteau. Jourdan was working closely with Pet Community Center and told Diana about the Feline Fix Program (an early incarnation of the current Community Cat Program) (link). Feline Fix trapped, neutered, vaccinated, and returned community cats to their outdoor homes.  This allowed outdoor cats that could not be re-homed to remain outdoors where they were thriving, and avoid being euthanized at a shelter. Diana remembers how “it immediately struck me how much sense it made, and how it could take the pressure off rescue programs.” Soon after, Diana began to volunteer with Pet Community Center and was instrumental to the successful opening of the clinic in 2014

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Like many at Pet Community Center, Diana has been astonished by the growth of the organization and the impact that offering low-cost pet care has had on local animals and pet owners.  “I’m always amazed at how fast PCC meets and surpasses each new goal. And this year is a great example. The clinic became so busy that it really needed another surgery suite…Thanks to PCC’s generous supporters, the clinic now has the capacity to serve twice as many pets as before. It’s very exciting!”

In part, Diana ties this growth to the passion and dedication for animal well-being within the organization.   “I’m involved with PCC because everyone is so passionate about animals.  Every single animal is important to them, and they treat them like they were their own pets.  The dedication to give them better lives and the opportunity to have loving homes, has made it a very effective non-profit. I still can’t believe how far it has come so fast, and how many animals and pet owners it has helped.”

As new community needs have been identified, Pet Community Center has evolved to offer more pet wellness services and programming that is targeted to pet owners most in need.  “The key to ending overpopulation and euthanasia is a multi-pronged approach, that includes spay/neuter, trap/neuter/return for community cats, a good shelter adoption program, education and community outreach.”  

We invite you to come see the clinic that you’ve helped create for your community!  This work is making a difference for pet owners, local pets, and community cats.

We’re all working together to improve the lives of local pets and community cats and that is something worth celebrating!