Spay & Neuter Transport Program

Pet Community Center’s Spay & Neuter Transport Program makes it even easier to provide your pet with high-quality spay-neuter veterinary care. If you are unable to bring your pet to our clinic in East Nashville, no problem — We can come to you! Our transport vehicle picks up and drops off animals at several different locations in and around Davidson county each week. All you need to do is choose a transport location that works for you (see list below), schedule an appointment, and on your pet’s surgery day bring your pet to the transport location in the morning. We’ll return your pet to you in the same location that same day in the afternoon, after spay/neuter surgery.

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The transport from any scheduled pick-up location is provided for FREE.  Our low-cost spay/neuter rates still apply, but you may qualify for financial assistance.  Call us at 615-512-5001 to find out.

Schedule an Appointment

You can make an appointment for your pet(s) in person at our mobile wellness or spay & neuter clinic or by calling 615-512-5001. Do Not make transport appointments on our website.

Transport Locations & Schedule

Pet Community Center currently has regular transports from the following locations. Upcoming dates are listed below.

Cheatham County

Tractor Supply Co., 56 Frey St, Ashland City, TN 37015 — Next Transport: TBD

Pegram Park, 308 Hwy 70 E Lakeview Dr Pegram, TN 37143 — Next Transport: TBD


Rutherford County

Kelton’s Hardware & Pet, 2870 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37128  — Next Transport:  TBD

Antioch/South Nashville

Lakeshore Christian Church, 5434 Bell Forge Ln E, Antioch, TN 37013 —  Next Transport:  TBD

Can’t find a location that works for you? 

Let us know! We’re adding new transport locations as demand for transport increases. If you have an idea for a transport location not listed above, send an email to

What to Expect at Spay/Neuter Transport

Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

  • Be sure to have a place that you will be able to restrict your pet’s activity during the recovery period (7-10 days). A suitable area will be inside in a small room (bathroom, laundry room, garage) or a crate for dogs.
  • For pets that live outside, bring them in the evening before to make sure they don’t eat anything after 11pm. Bringing cats in also ensures that you won’t have a problem catching them in the morning!
  • No food after midnight the night before surgery. Water is fine, just no food or treats.
  • For puppies and kittens under 6 months of age, you can feed them up until 5am the morning of surgery.
  • If your pet has had a rabies vaccination or bloodwork done elsewhere, please bring paperwork with you!

Check In/Drop Off Process

  • Check in time varies by location. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 30 MINUTES FOR CHECK IN. You will need to fill out a form for each pet that you are sending on the transport.
  • Community/feral cats must be in humane traps, one per trap and covered with a sheet or towel.
  • Owned cats must be in a carrier. Dogs must be on leash. We will provide size-appropriate crates for dogs to safely ride on transport to our clinic.
  • Please leave ALL pets in the car until AFTER you have checked in. This will ensure that your pet doesn’t get stressed out, or get away from you while you are filling out paperwork.  Be sure to check off on the form any additional services you want us to perform (like vaccines, testing, microchip, etc)
  • You will need to pay when you drop your pet off.  We accept cash (no bills larger than $50) or personal checks.
  • Once everyone has been checked in, our transport driver will begin loading the transport van. Each pet will be placed in an individual size-appropriate crate that we will provide.

Check Out/Pick Up Process

  • Pick up time varies by location, but will be on the same day as drop-off/surgery. It is important that you be on time for check out as our transport driver will give verbal after-care instructions to the entire group of people picking pets up.
  • Remember to bring your dog’s leash.
  • We will already have cats in carriers for you.
  • Release goes very quickly. Plan on spending about 15-20 minutes total to get instructions, check out, and get your pet.
  • We will have some some e-collars (“cone” collars) for purchase at pickup if you anticipate that your pet may lick their incision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can make an appointment in person at our mobile or spay + neuter clinic or by calling 615-512-5001. We ask that you please do NOT make transport appointments on our website.

YES! We have two veterinarians on staff: Dr. Michael Greenberg received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University and Dr. Erin Birdwell received her DVM from Kansas State University. We also have a fully trained professional staff of veterinary technicians and assistants to care for your pets while they are at our clinic.

You will get a text message when your pet is out of surgery and waking up! You are welcome to call our clinic at 615-512-5001 to check on your pet anytime throughout the day. You are also welcome to visit our clinic during business hours (Tuesday-Saturday 8am-4pm).

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are eligible to receive grant funding from animal welfare organizations.  We also have several fundraisers each year, and we ask for donations from our supporters and local animal advocacy and rescue groups.  We use this funding to reduce our costs, offering pet owners an affordable option to spay/neuter.  

We only offer vaccines/testing at the time of surgery or at our mobile wellness clinic (  We focus on surgery patients at our physical clinic in East Nashville and see non-surgery patients for routine vaccines only at our scheduled mobile wellness clinics. We NEVER see sick or injured pets unless the sickness or injury is a direct result of surgery or services we have provided.

No.  As a low-cost, non-profit spay/neuter clinic, our prices are as low as we are able to offer per pet.  The only exceptions are families that qualify for financial assistance, or if we have a special grant that allows us to temporarily offer a reduced fee.

Yes, however,  we are only able to offer heartworm prevention to pets that have been seen here or on our mobile wellness clinic within the last 12 months, and that have received a negative heartworm test result.  Pets with no proof of purchase of prevention from us within 60 days of a heartworm test must re-test prior to being issued a prescription medication.  (Please come between 9a-3p, and avoid check-in/checkout times for routine purchases.)

If we have seen your pet within the last year, we can refill your prescription at the spay + neuter clinic or at the mobile wellness clinic. You do not need to bring your pet with you to purchase flea/tick medication. (Please come between 9a-3p, and avoid checkin/checkout times for routine purchases.)

Sorry, no. But we offer low-cost heartworm or flea/tick prevention at our spay + neuter clinic or at our mobile clinic if we have seen your pet before. (Please come between 9a-3p, and avoid checkin/checkout times for routine purchases.)