The power of kindness saved Mona and Chad.

The power of spay & neuter saved even more pets!

Chad Mona

Spaying and Neutering is the most powerful way to saves lives in our shelters!

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Stray dogs Mona and Chad survived on the streets of northeast Nashville. They had each other, but they didn’t have a safe place to call home. Mona and Chad didn’t trust people and had not been socialized. They were scared.

Julie, an animal lover who lived in the neighborhood, took notice, and wanted to help. While Julie was trying to earn the pair’s trust, Mona gave birth to a litter of puppies.

That’s when Julie contacted Pet Community Center for help. Pet Community Center provided a dog-sized humane trap. It took a team effort but Julie successfully trapped Mona and Chad and their 11 puppies!

Chad was neutered and vaccinated at Pet Community Center, and Mona went to a foster home while she nursed her puppies. Once the puppies were weaned, Mona was spayed and vaccinated at Pet Community Center.

The pups were placed with a rescue group that will fully vet them and find them loving homes! Julie has given Mona and Chad a safe home, together, with no more puppies.

Mona and Chad’s story is unique, but we receive calls every day from people who need help with spaying/neutering. That’s why Pet Community Center exists. We are here to serve caring people all across our community who love animals, want to help them, and want to prevent unwanted pets from entering a crowded shelter.


Puppies, kittens, dogs and cats flood our local shelter every year, which leads to the euthanasia of too many pets. Pet Community Center’s programs are changing that!

Over the last 24 months there have been 40 percent fewer animals entering Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control (MACC) – from 9,263 in 2013 down to 5,442 in 2015. Over the past three years, euthanasia in Nashville has decreased by 40 percent – from 67 percent to 27 percent. But more work remains to be done, and we need your help to continue to expand and reach more animals.

You can save lives by making a contribution today. The power of your kindness will save Nashville’s animals.

A donation of any amount will make a difference. Your gift will be put to work right away by helping a dog or cat.

Thank you for believing in a future where every animal is wanted and gets the chance they deserve at a loving, forever home.

Contribution Suggestions:
$37 cat neuter
$52 dog neuter
$61 dog spay
$113 one dog neuter & one dog spay
$215 a mama cat and her litter
$500 a colony of feral cats

With a contribution of $113, you can sponsor a dog spay and a dog neuter. This infographic shows the power of what your gift can do! Prevention is the way to solve our shelter overpopulation problem. If Chad and Mona and their pups had not been fixed, 220 dogs could have been born within three generations.

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